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PROCOPE offers you a bespoke compliance package, following all the necessary guidelines the public authorities have set under the Alcohol Act and alcohol regulations. Your business will be abiding to the laws and municipal statuses, with clear guidance being given to the licensee.

Compliance infringements and registered violations can have serious consequences on a business. A tavern with multiple violations may lose their license and therefore their income.”

PROCOPE prepares compliance packages that meet all the legal requirements, practices and measures to prevent and handle incidents. Your business should have a good dialogue and cooperation with the public authorities, with your establishment offering a safe and enjoyable nightlife experience.

Good compliance requires insight into the company’s characteristics and the challenges that it faces. PROCOPE will work in collaboration with the CEO and other managers of the licensed premises. The results will allow to determine where efforts are needed, and the necessary measures will be applied – for example in the form of new procedures, skills, training and supervision.