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PROCOPE offers property owners and managers to establish excellent compliance in order to fulfil their obligations in accordance with the many laws in the property trade. A good compliance package provides predictability and security, giving you the information and hindsight necessary to follow all the relevant legislation.

We will supply you with the essential tools to ensure that your company’s employees, tenants and customers’ safety and security are safeguarded. Our experience and expertise in compliance allows us to cover each organization’s characteristics and special challenges. In this work, we work closely with customers, as well as with local authorities and other relevant partners.

Our property compliance package contains threat assessments, establishes responsibilities and roles during crises and incidents, as well as making changes to employee policies and instructions.

Fakta om PROCOPE:

  • PROCOPE was founded in 2013
  • PROCOPE has expertise in research, law enforcement, fire and defense
  • PROCOPE deals with analysis, investigation, data recovery, assessment and consultancy services.