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PROCOPE focuses on crimes for profit, internal and external threats, as well as organized crime in the form of violence, robbery, intimidation and extortion. We looks at the incidents that can seriously affect your business. We are up to date on the methods that criminals use to frame your business, whether the threat comes from outside or from within.

You should know about the current and future threats to your business. We carry out analysis in connection with the establishment of security strategies in order to assess the quality of your company’s existing risk management strategy.

No one can protect themselves from everything, but with a knowledge driven approach and targeted measures, your business can invest in customized security products and services that are right for you.

We adjust our analysis to the individual industry and characteristics of your business. We also participate as technical advisors in investigations to deal with the threats and challenging issues faced by your company.

PROCOPE has many years of expertise from correctional services, fire, police and research. Our network allows us to work closely with industry organizations and government agencies, both nationally and in neighbouring countries. In addition we have a broad network of contacts in research and various police organizations in Europe. In 2016 we expanded our business with professional and technical expertise to tackle the issue of cybercrime.

PROCOPE use reputable and scientific research methods in their analysis.

We collaborate with NHO Service and the police on the preparation of the documents which regulate cooperation between the security industry and the police. In addition, PROCOPE is responsible for crime investigations for the Confederation of Security Council (NSR).

NHO Service has collaborated with Procope on several occasions and has experienced the company as an innovative, solution-oriented and effective partner.

They deliver quality products that have been important in our work in the service industry in Norway.

Runar Karlsen

NHO Service
Head of Safety & Preparedness