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The landscape has changed over the years, with most people using electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets on a daily basis. A lot of communications and exchange of information now go through those electronic devices, making them an integral part of any modern criminal investigation.

Searching and finding that incriminating information in an electronic format is exactly what our E-Discovery is all about. Unlike old paperwork, electronic information is often coupled with various metadata, which can help to determine where and when a document was created, giving more validity to such document during a criminal prosecution. This also gives some tangibility to electronic information, which is in nature more intangible than paper evidence.

A particular member of your staff might be giving you cause for concern, with incidents happening regularly around them. Or maybe one of your projects currently undisclosed to the public suddenly leaks across the internet. In cases like that and many other situations, E-discovery can often be the process that allows you to discover who the cultrate is, along with supplying you with proof that makes the case prosecutable. There is no doubt about E-discovery’s proficiency at finding criminals today, and this trend keeps increasing and will carry on doing so in the future.