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Investigation / Computer Forensics

Investigation / Computer forensics is a service that we are proud of. Our consultants have leading long and varied expertise from both criminal and civil cases where electronic tracking has been crucial to elucidate the facts.


The events that often triggers a need for our services are: untrustworthy staff, copyright issues, corporate internal security incidents, violations of safety regulations or other offenses where electronic tracking can contribute to a solution. PROCOPE can provide services that uncover and document incidents in your company.

We offer clients to secure, analyze and track electronic documents and data from computers, servers, network traffic, social media, social networking, mobile phones, PDAs, SIM cards and most memory chips.

Criminal and civil cases

Our services are geared toward analysis in both criminal and civil cases. A criminal analysis of PROCOPE involves analysis using methodology approved by the courts. This means that the object / data to be analyzed are treated as criminal evidence and follow the procedures and rules applicable to this. PROCOPE also offers customers the option of using our consultants as expert witnesses in any subsequent trial.

Preliminary test

This gives an overall report based on a limited and specific mission, limited in time. The overview is based on specific tracks that can provide valuable information that can lay the groundwork for a broader investigation. An example of such an overall analysis may be uncovering surfing patterns, application installations, or search for specific files based on given criteria.

The report will provide an executive summary with a short technical report and a copy of the findings / raw data.

Deeper analysis

A deeper analysis is a complete review of the desired objects. This could include for example the object’s usage pattern, recover deleted data and installed components or analysis of Internet and usage history.

The report we provide will include an executive summary, evidence of technical implementation, discovery, pattern associated findings, the security linked to the object, copy and structuring, and copy of the findings and raw data.