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Lost or deleted data? We can help you!

PROCOPE has a team of technicians who can recover data from laptops, desktops and servers. We recover data from external hard drives, memory cards, mobile phones , RAID, NAS and SAN solutions.

We are proud to offer data recovery services to both corporate and private individuals at very advantageous prices. We offer data recovery on all data media and storage devices. With advanced equipment and experienced technicians, we solve “unsolvable” cases every day.

We have the best prices for both individuals and businesses. We offer FREE analysis for all our retail customers which will give you a price and time estimate. Contact us for further information.

For submission of media to be analyzed / recovered, please fill out our standard form which can be found under contact us.

There are three steps in our data recovery process:

  • Analysis
  • Reconstruction
  • Verification and utkopiering data

1 Analysis

We perform our first analysis after receiving the storage medium. This analysis will reveal what is wrong with the medium, which category those errors fall into (logical or physical errors), and last but not least the opportunities there are to recover the data.

After the analysis we will contact the customer with an offer for data recovery at a guaranteed price.

3 Test and copy of data

After we have copied data from the media,we then proceed with integrity checks.  When this is done, only the reconstruction and delivery of data remains to be done.

2 Reconstruction of data

As soon as we find out logical or physical errors, we get our technicians to start correcting those errors. For logical errors we will make a sector-by-sector copy of the disk and then repair the errors that are in the file system. If there are physical errors on the disk we will replace / repair the parts that are damaged. The work may require the media to be opened, this is done in our Class 100 cleanroom. After the mechanical damage is repaired, the medium will be handed over to our experts in logical data blocks.

If data from reconstruction needs to be used as evidence in a civil or criminal trial, let us know in advance, and the case will be treated as a computer forensic assignment. Such missions require special procedures and methods, and have an increased documentation requirements adapted to legal requirements and processes. See our information on computer forensics for conditions and prices, or contact us for information and guidance.