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Most of us have experienced it, for some reason you are no longer able to access all data you had stored. All the pictures of your children from birth to confirmation are deleted, all of your invoices and your customer information from the past six months are gone, you disk makes ugly noises and smells of burning. What now? Is everything lost? What can really be done when these things happen? In most cases, not all hope is lost. PROCOPE solves such “unsolvable” cases on a daily basis.

The short answer to the question “Why do you need data recovery?” is to reveal the error(s) and correct the problem(s).

A hard disk is made up of several components, both mechanical and electronic. These are controlled by an operating system, called firmware. Normally, you will face one of two types of errors on a hard drive, but it can also be a combination of these: they are logical and physical errors. These are closely linked but can be distinguished as follows: logical errors are linked with the making of files; whilst physical error are linked with the mechanical and / or electronic components of the hard drive. It is possible to solve errors in both those categories, but they require slightly different approach. Each disk is seen as a patient which must be thoroughly examined before we can put a diagnosis.

Why do you need data recovery?

It’s a little hard to talk about data recovery without mentioning the typical reasons why a hard drive crashes. There is of course a wide variety of reasons, we will mention some of the most common here. There are 3 main reasons why this happens:


Damage caused by shock and / or external influence. A hard drive contains advanced mechanics and we are talking about very small distances between the read heads and storage disc. The disc spins very quickly, and if the recording head and the disc ever come into contact then damage will occur.


Incorrect power supply. In addition to the mechanics included in a hard disk are electronic parts which are very sensitive to power fluctuations. Using the wrong power supply, having fluctuations in the mains, and even an event of lightning could damage the hard drive.


X-factor. This may be deleting the wrong folder, production errors, virus attack or other reasons than those mentioned above.