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Do not give your RAID system to anyone!

PROCOPE is recognized for its fast, efficient and affordable data recovery. We’ve saved data from crashed RAID, DAS, NAS and SAN systems where others have had to give up.

We are proud of our high success rate and fast service. In some cases, you could get your data back within 24 hours after acceptance of the offer. Our teams can help you around the clock!

PROCOPE can recover data from all types of RAID, DAS, NAS and SAN. We have carried out projects for private individuals, small and large businesses, government organizations and nonprofits, and we have saved thousands of gigabytes of data worth millions.


We have extensive experience collecting data from RAID servers, we have seen most problems before.


We have our own Class-100 Cleanroom, equipped with special SAS / SSD / SCSI / SATA / IDE data recovery tool drives.


We take a mirror copy of all server disks before continuing the data recovery process, thus we ensure that no data is lost during the data recovery process.


Whichever configuration your company uses in its RAID array, the PROCOPE can restore it.


We have an international support network that can assist you if / when necessary

Storage today is all designed to protect your data when one or more table disks physically or logically fails. These protective RAID configurations isolate and close the drives so that users and administrators do not cause more damage to the disk(s). We recover data from RAID configurations from 1 through 10, regardless of whether the damage is physical or logical.

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